Dear Appy Pony, My girth is too tight!!!


Dear Appy,

My girth is too tight!!

I don’t understand, I have stuck with the same routine for years but this past week I am finding that my girth is just too tight. It feels like it happened overnight? I am a little embarrassed to share this with my stable mates, and this is why I am writing to you anonymously. You see, I am the type of helpful horse that is always giving desperately much needed advice around the barn on what each one of my stable mates should can do to improve their outward appearance. I’m afraid that if word leaks out about my girth, they will all think I’m a hypocrite or even worse…… a fraud :-O

Well sure, the rumors are true. I use to have a weight problem a while back. But that is in my past now. I was living in the open pasture next door and I will shamefully admit that in addition to grazing on the pasture grass all day I also had a nasty little habit of hording all the hay piles to myself, not allowing my pasture mates to eat much. BUT, since being put to work as a Fabulous Show Horse I’ve really trimmed up. I live in my own show stall, plenty of fresh shavings and high quality food. I am exercised regularly through various routines to strengthen and tone me to perfection. I really have been enjoying my new look and I love all the attention I get when I prance and snort around our barn like a filly. My self-esteem has sky rocketed this past year and the judges have realized how beautiful I really am. I strut around the show arena with my head held high, my glorious long mane and tail flying free in the wind and my stunningly dishy face is perfectly sculpted to bring out my large nostrils and big eyes. However, last week when we began to prepare for our next show my Owner began to fuss over our outfits. I’m sure she was just trying to make sure she looks as spectacular as me but she changed out some pads and tack and now I have noticed all week that my girth has been too tight!!!!! And…… (leaning in and looking suspiciously from side to side to make sure no one else is listening) it is even set on the last hole on both sides!!! Yikes! Perhaps you have insight to why this could be happening. I have included my food journal in the hopes that it may help as well.

Daily Feed: AM: 1 Thin flake Alfalfa
Noon: 1 Mediumish Bucket of tasty brown stuff mixed with lighter brown mashy stuff and topped with 3.5 carrots, as well as something sweet drizzled on top
PM: 1 Flake Bermuda (blah)
Repeated daily

I really appreciate any help you can give.


Worried and Slightly Bloated

PS. I know of a great product to reduce the signs of premature spots if you are interested in taking care of those nasty little things?


Dear Worried and Slightly Bloated,

I’m not sure that the “tight girth” of late is the kind of bloated you are referring to, as I see another area of your life that could use some improvement. However, since that is what you wrote in about then let me give you a few ideas:
– Is it possible you have been holding your breath? This can cause a girth to appear to be too tight.
– Has the quantity of Brown, lighter brown, of sticky feed increased lately?
– Have you been reaching thru to your neighbors and sneaking extra hay?

– Most likely, your Owner has purchased a new stylish girth to match your whole wardrobe but miscalculated on her measurements. It is probably not your bloated belly (or your bloated ego) but actually just a shorter girth. One way to fix this is to intentionally hold in as much breath as you can the next time she goes to tack you up so that the girth does not fit at all. Then she will be forced to go grab the old one. After the old one had been fastened you can then let out your breath and feel comfortable for the entire ride.

I hope this helps.

Love and Carrots,

Appy Pony


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